My Ambition (Descriptive Essay)

My Ambition

            Many people have their own ambition; I also have my own ambition too. Future is uncertainly thing, we can’t guess it. Some people plan their future since they were children but some lives without ambition. But future sometime we can order, what we want to be; good or bad. It’s depending on you. I want to be superstar, I want to be businessman, and I want to travel around the world. There are my ambitions.

                I always want to be superstar since I knew that being superstar has a lot of advantages. I can be a famous person. Many people will love me and crazy in me. I want to be a musician superstar, have my band which can go along with my friends. And if I am a superstar, I think it’s easy to earn money. You can see in the real life. Before being superstar, they are only the ordinary person. Don’t have anything special; big house, expensive car, best regard. But after being  superstar, they can get all of best thing which many people need.


              When I can be superstar, the next thing I want to do is businessperson. Business is the stable work if we manage it correctly. I want to create company with my friends. Sometimes, to do something with co-workers it easier than do alone. Some businessperson doing business by dishonest way. I think they can’t success and it can not be long with us. I decide that I will do business with my honest heart, correctly way and good mind.

              In addition to being a Superstar, Business. Finally, for a future that I would like to do is travelling around the world. When I can collect enough money, I would like to bring some of money to Travel trip around the world and go with someone. To learn or to know something interesting that different from my country. At first I would like to is Egypt because I’m interested in putting Mummy, Sphinx, Pyramid and Cleopatra.

               I don’t know how my future will be?. But I will do the best at this day. Even though my future will be difficult but I would like to make it successful at least one. If the efforts can make my future prospective. I will try very hard. So I will not have to regret later. And at least I can be proud that I have matured to the future, I hope or wish will be. The last one I want to tell, I want to thank some people who help me to be fine in this day.

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